Skin made of polypropylene material, dirt, wear, high strength, easy to clean
Rope woven tight, clear lines, bright color, outdoor use when the high degree of recognition
Each core core precision weaving, have a high strength of tension, security and more at ease
The rope is light and can float in the water


Rally: 18KN 12KN 8KN 5KN
Material: polypropylene
Diameter: 12 / 9.5 / 8/6 / mm
Weight: 73 g / m 42 g / m 32 g / m 19 g / m
Scope of application: mountaineering, hiking, rope, crossing, camping, life saving, traction, bundling, etc.
Different diameter of the rope with different finishing process, 8-12mm rope using the sewing machine processing, because the 6mm rope is too thin can not be processed sewing

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6MM Outdoor climbing safety rope rock climbing lifesaving rope emergency rope survival tools

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